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Page history last edited by Jens Wilkinson 12 years, 5 months ago

Babel Alliance


This is an idea for creating an alliance of global companies that are outside the English language sphere, to push for the use of a global pidgin in place of English. What companies would profit from such a system:


  • Companies that sell overseas
  • Companies that purchase overseas
  • Companies that have production or construction sites overseas
  • Companies that invest overseas


Given, of course, that these companies are from non English speaking countries.


Here are some ideas for companies who might be able to profit.


BYD (China)

The world's leading battery manufacturer, also diversifying into cars.


Cemex (Mexico)

A leading producer of cement. From a Spanish speaking country.


Concho y Toro (Chile)

Wholesaler from a Spanish speaking country. Includes wines.


Embraer (Brazil)

A leading manufacturer of business jets. Purchasing and sales must involve many other countries.


Grupo Modelo (Mexico)

Manufacturer of Corona beer.


Hisense (China)

A leading Chinese appliance maker. Produces in countries such as Algeria, Hungary, Iran, Pakistan and South Africa.


Honda (Japan)

Automaker from Japan.


Hon Hai (Taiwan)

The Taiwanese manufacturer of the iPhone.


Johnson Electric (Hong Kong)

World's leading producer of motors.


Lenovo (China)

The company that bought IBM's PC division.


Mazda (Japan)



MISC Berhad (Malaysia)

A shipping line, the world's largest LNG shipper.


Mitsubishi (Japan)

Trading firm, with businesses in many areas.


Mitsui (Japan)

Trading firm, with businesses in many areas.


Perdig√£o (Brazil)

Producer of pork and chicken.


Ranbaxy (India)

Generic drug producer. India has many English language speakers, however.


Sadia (Brazil)

A leading food, mostly meat, producer.


Samsung (South Korea)

A leading electronics brand.


Sanyo (Japan)

Japanese electronics maker.


Sony (Japan)

World leading electronics maker.


Sumitomo (Japan)

Trading firm, with businesses in many areas.


Tata Motors (India)

Innovative company, but from a market with many English speakers.


Toshiba (Japan)

A major electronics maker. Headquartered in Japan, but selling overseas as well.


Toyota (Japan)

The world's leading automaker. From a Japanese speaking country, but most markets are in non-Japanese speaking markets.


TSMC (Taiwan)

A major world semiconductor foundry.


Yue Yuen (Taiwan)

A footwear manufacturer from Taiwan. Makes shoes for Nike and Adidas.


If you have suggestions about other companies, or in particular if you work for one of these companies and have opinions, please let me know.

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