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Other Languages

日本語 / Español / Français / Русский / Neo Patwa



This wiki provides an introduction to Neo Patwa, a proposal for an international language (earlier known as Dunia Patwa). They are both organized under what I call the Creolian project. This project is an attempt to design a form of "world pidgin," a new international auxiliary language (IAL) created through a mixture of various languages (hence the use of the term Creolian).


The main idea behind this language is that with our increasingly globalized world, a new international language will eventually be born, and here I am proposing a structure for it. I am not proposing that this will be the final version. Rather, it is intended to be a sort of "peek preview" of what will finally emerge.


It is firmly based on the idea that we should look toward creole languages for ideas for an international tongue. Generally speaking, creole languages have simplified grammar and phonology, and have fairly long words and sentences to make up for deficiencies in the other areas. Neo Patwa is essentially based on that idea. In creating it, I tried to take concepts and words fairly from a variety of existing languages. I hope you find it helpful. Access the following pages to learn more.


Neo Patwa


This provides most of the information on the language that was originally called Dunia Patwa.


(Starting Materials)


(Other Things)


Simplified Phonology


This section describes a simplified phonology (without voiced/voiceless distinctions), and a vocabulary list based on it.




1. Isn't it limiting to have such a small vocabulary?

2. Wouldn't it be easier to just have everybody in the world learn English?




The two following projects are of special significance to the creation of Dunia Patwa: the Mulivo international vocabulary project, organized by Risto Kupsala, and the LangX project, organized by Antony Alexander.





If you have comments or criticisms, send them to the author.

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