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Grammatical Words in Dunia Patwa


Personal Pronouns


1PS Mi (Eng) 1PP Mila

2PS Ni (Man) 2PP Nila

3PS Xe (Ban) 3PP Xela


Other Pronouns


What: was (Ger)

This: dis (Eng)

That: das (Ger)


Who: wasjan

This person: disjan

That person: dasjan


Where: wasli

Here: disli

There: dasli


When: waswela

Now: diswela

Then: daswela




Why: wasfi



Negation marker: no


Tense Markers

Anterior tense: bin

Nonpunctual aspect: na

Irrealis mode: sa




In, at, on: in

For: fi


From: li



And: dan

But: kexi

If: sapos


Plural marker

Plural: la

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