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The Jellyfish and the Monkey


Rin-Jin, the King of the Sea, took to wife a young and beautiful Dragon Princess. They had not been married long when the fair Queen fell ill, and all the advice and attention of the great physicians availed nothing.

"Oh," sobbed the Queen, "there is only one thing that will cure me of my illness!"

"What is that?" inquired Rin-Jin.

"If I eat the liver of a live monkey, I shall immediately recover. Pray get me a monkey's liver, for I know that nothing else will save my life."




Medusa na Njani


Lautan di raxa di Rin-Jin, ta (marry) fi waka na swai di diagon raxaninjo. Maxana posli dem (marry), (fair) meliraxa biani maladi, (despite) manje di medika di (advice), no biani bono.

Meliraxa naki, "Mi di maladi (cure), (only) wanpela banfa."

"Was-banfa?" aska Rin-Jin.

"Sapos mi makan (live) njani di (liver), mi maxan biani bono.

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