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Page history last edited by Jens Wilkinson 11 years, 7 months ago

Mnemonics Ideas


This page contains a number of words, in many cases non Western, that I think could be easily adopted for a worldlang or IAL (international auxiliary language) in general.


authority, system babilon


bay hono (from honolulu)


confusion babel


desert sahara


flea uku from Ukulele (flea jump)


flower ababa from Abbis Ababa (new flower)


forest utan from Orang Utan (people of the forest)


goose hansa from Lufthansa (flying goose)


great maha from Maharaja (great king)


home alaya from Himalaya (abode of snow)


jump/fly lele from Ukulele (flea jump)


old machu from Machu Picchu (old mountain)


sea dalai from Dalai Lama (ocean teacher)


shelter lulu from Honolulu


shore, bank sahil from the Sahel.


snow hima from Himalaya (abode of snow)


teacher lama from Dalai Lama


thief, theft alibaba from Middle East slang


Other Ideas

Machu Picchu (old mountain)

Mauna Kea (mountain white)

Taj Mahal (crown palace) (Persian)

Himalaya (hima "snow" alaya "abode") (Sanskrit)

Kilimanjaro (kilima "hill" njaro)


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