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Principles for the New Language




The phonology will be extremely simple, which makes it easy for people of different language backgrounds to pronounce it.




The vocabulary is chosen based on words that are known by many people. The selection will focus on words from major languages, words that are shared across langauges, and will also incorporate diversity.


The vocabulary will be small in the size, with the possibility of productive compounding.


There will not be obligatory POS marking, though it could be used.




The grammar will be regular, simple, and based on Creole-like fatures


There will be no inflection of words. Things such as tense will be marked by unchanging particles.


There will be no singular/plural forms of nouns or adjectives.


There will be no grammatical gender.


There will be limited number of prepositions with a wide range of meaning.


There will be gender neutral pronouns (no he/she/it distinction).

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