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Page history last edited by Jens Wilkinson 11 years, 7 months ago

Sound Symbolism


Attributes Activities Objects
/p/   popping  
/b/   explosion  
/t/ tight, tinny striking  
/d/ dull   drum
/k/ hard, dry cutting, eating  
/g/   swallowing throat
/f/ soft, fluffy hissing  
/v/   vibration  
/s/  /S/   hissing steam
/z/   humming  
/tS/   chopping  
/m/ bulging chewing  
/n/ long, wet   knot
/l/ liquid flowing liquid
/r/   movement  
/w/ soft   liquid
/y/ positive    
/a/ laarge,l light    
/i/ small    
/e/ small, light    
/o/ large, deep    
/u/ deep, dark    


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